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참 마음에 들어요.
I really like it.
[Cham ma-ume turoyo]
A : 어머, 일찍 오셨네요. 어서 들어오세요.
[Omo, iljjik osyonneyo. Oso turo-oseyo]
Hi, you’re early. Come on in.
B : 안녕하세요? 다른 분들은 아직 안오셨나요?
[Annyonghaseyo? Tarun pundurun ajik an osyot-soyo?]
Hi. No one’s here yet?
A : 네, 곧 오실 거예요.
[Ne, kot osil koyeyo]
They’ll be here soon.
B : 생일 축하해요.
[Saeng-il chukahaeyo]
Happy birthday.
이거 휴가 가서 사온 핀이에요.
[Igo hyuga kaso saon piniyeyo]
I bought you a pin while I was on vacation.
마음에 드세요.
[Ma-ume tuseyo]
Do you like it?
A : 어머, 고마워요.
[Omo, komawoyo]
Oh, thank you.
정말 예쁘네요.
[Chongmal yeppuneyo]
It’s really pretty.
참 마음에 들어요.
[Cham ma-ume turoyo]
I really like it.
B : 마음에 드신다니 저도 기분이 좋네요.
[Ma-ume tusindani chodo kibuni chonneyo]
I’m glad you like it.
     “마음에 드세요 [maume tuseyo?] is used to ask whether someone likes your gift and “마음에 들어요 [ma-ume turoyo] is used to say yes, you like the gift. “참, 아주 [cham, aju] can be used to emphasize how much you like something. When purchasing something you like, you can use ‘이게 마음에 들어요” [ige maume turoyo]; and when expressing your feelings for someone you can use “그 사람이 마음에 들어요[ku sarami ma-ume turoyo].

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Having experienced stop-start promotions with Super Soul in the month of April due to circumstances, Superstar K alumni, Gil Hak Mi will be hoping for better things with her follow-up song, Boom Boom Boom.
Gil Hak Mi has already gained a following with Super Soul and she will be changing things up with a dynamic stage for Boom Boom Boom, which is said to be a powerful song and also features an introduction by Bobby Kim.

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Having ended their Shock promotions, the BEAST boys aren’t going to leave just yet.
They performed their follow-up song, Easy from this week starting with M! Countdown on May 6th, and they even included another song performance for Special.
I am sure this will satisfy BEAST fans who just can’t get enough of them on stage!

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Chung Lim like many others before him, has had rather bad luck with his comeback which saw his schedules for April all messed up because of the delays.
But he has to just get on with it and having make a return last week, Chung Lim makes his first appearance on M! Countdown on May 6th as he shows off his new dark masculine image!


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Kim JunSu came to Gae-PO DONG yesterday.
He came here to relax and play soccer with Kim Hyun Joong.
I saw them on my way home after the test in Spring.
Laughing happily and playing football happily. Haha

Source: Daum + BaiduKIMHYUNJOONG
Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

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Another round of applause for the Filipino Cassies for landing TOHOSHINKI’s “BEST SELECTION 2010” on the NUMBER ONE spot in ASTROVISION & ASTROPLUS’s Overall & International Album Chart (April 26 to May 2, 2010) after only 2 days of release in the market !

TOHOSHINKI’s “BEST SELECTION 2010” even outsold albums by Justin Bieber. Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift & Glee Soundtrack.This is Tohoshinki/TVXQ’s first NUMBER ONE album in the country.

Astrovision/Astroplus is one of the country’s biggest audio & video retail chains with more than 30 stores nationwide.

Credits: Universal Records Philippines Facebook Page
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M!Countdown is back after cancelled last week broadcast due to cheonanham funeral.
Last week, 2PM‘s ‘Without U‘ was able to surpass Rain‘s ‘The Song to Hold You Back‘ and took first place on cable channel Mnet’s M Countdown.

On today’s episode of Mnet M Countdown, 2PM performed “Without You” and “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop” and surpass Rain & Lee Hyori, and grabbed the first place for the second time.

Congratulations to them!


By adela1991@DKPopNews

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