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Real name : Kim Hyun-jeong
1997 Graduated from Seoul Jazz Academy, Department of Vocal Music
1998~2000 Lecturer at Department of Vocal Music at Seoul Jazz Academy
1998~1999 Participated in the 1st, 2nd Uljin Jazz Festival
1999 Participated in Korea – America – Japan Jazz Festival
2000 Participated in Korea Jazz All Star 2000 Concert
2003 Performed at jazz clubs “For a Thousand Years” and “Once In A Blue Moon”
Performed and participated in various recordings for singers Jo Jang-hyuk, The The and Hip Hop Band Dakro
Lectured at the Department of Musical Missionary at Seoul Praiser Theological School
Lectured at the Department of Vocal Music at Seoul Popular Music Academy
Lectured at the Deparment of Popular Music at Suwon Women’s College
Guest singer for Lissang
Participated in Kim Jin-pyo’s “Unfinished Story” as guest vocalist.

Having studied classical vocal music in her middle and high school days, BMK(Big Mama King) is famous for her powerful tone. The tone of her voice sounds as if it’s got viscosity and tension like a balloon just before blowing up. Most singers who pursue powerful vocalization sound instable at mid to low pitches, but BMK has a even voice in all compass. Since she started learning how to sing, BMK has been always raising her antennas towards African-American music. However, BMK got the opportunity for having jazz vocal lessons while she was lying down in bed due to a car accident. Hospitalized, BMK received an application for Seoul Jazz Academy from her younger sister. However, she couldn’t get permission from the hospital to go out, so she sneaked out with wearing a plaster cast on her body and leg to participated in the audition held at the jazz academy. She got in and was trained as one of the best female jazz vocalist in Korea. After graduating the academy, BMK remained there to teach. Yim In-gun, BMK’s teacher and at the same time a colleague asked to perform with her and that led to singing with big Korean jazz figures like Choi Se-jin, Yang Joon-ho, Kim Soo-yeol Big Band and Shin Gwan-woong band.

No More Music (1st album, 2002) : Hey Hey!!, Just Leave, We, One Two Three Four, Mr. Night
Soul Food (2nd album, 2005) : Real Life, When the Flowers Bloom, Rainbow, Queen & I, Boomerang, Set Me Free, Love Virus

BMK – 꽃피는 봄이 오면
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Member : Raon (real name: Kim Chang-rak)
Date of birth : Nov. 18, 1983
Height : 176cm
Weight : 65kg
Hobbies : Piano, guitar, composition
Religion : Protestantism
Favorite food : Tofu dishes
Favorite actor : Heath Ledger
Favorite musicians : Stevie Wonder, Beyonce

Member : Jun-seo (real name: Park Jun-seong)
Date of birth : Nov. 24, 1985
Height : 175cm
Weight : 60kg
Hobbies : Baseball, bowling
Talent : Writing lyrics
Favorite food : Chicken

Reminiscent of Na-eol and Kim Jong-gook, soulful Raon and sweet-voiced Jun-seo form a formidable pair. Their emergence is expected to give a shot of energy to the struggling Korean music industry. Jun-seo has already proven his talent by singing “Permission” for the original soundtrack of drama “The Legend.” Not to be outdone, Raon worked on a duet piece for Big Bang’s Dae-sung and background music for actor Bae Yong-joon’s Japanese homepage. Their stirring voices accentuate the delicate melodies contained in their single album. These two well deserve the compliments showered on them for their first release.

Blue Spring 1st Digital Single (single, 2009-01-07) : I Love You I Love You…, My Home, etc.

사랑한다 사랑한다 블루 스프링 (Blue Spring)

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Made up of Hwi-Eun, Nami, Mika and Young-Joo, Black Pearl is Kpop’s latest girl group to enter the spotlight.

The 4 members, whose ages range from 17-25 was produced by CJ M.net Media, the same company who brought us SG Wannabe and SeeYa.

The R&B group worked with renowned songwriters Cho Young-Soo, Kim Do-Hoon, Min Myeong-Ki and Han Song-Hoo for their highly anticipated debut.

Joheun geol Eoddeokhae/ I Can’t Loving You (1st single, 2007-07-16) : I Can’t Help Loving You

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Name: Black (real name: Jin Young-min)
Date of birth: Apr. 15, 1991
Hobbies: Listening to music, singing
Talents: Playing soccer, martial art
Won grand prize at the 7th Student Song Festival

This newcomer is still in high school, but he is musically more talented than his age indicates. On his debut stage at the cable music channel Mnet’s “M Countdown,” Black showed off his explosive vocal talent and answered the music industry’s high expectations for another notable male artist. He’s one young artist to keep your eyes on from now.

No.1 Black (2008-10-15) : My Heart, Stop!, Invisible Man, etc.

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Name: Bizniz (real name: Ha Won-taek)
Date of birth: Mar. 16, 1982

Former member of I.F (Infinite Flow), a hip hop duo, Bizniz (a.k.a. young GM) went solo in 2007 after pondering long and hard about the new kind of rap music. His first solo mini album is the product of his endeavor to come up with new beat and applauded as a landmark album that provides a vision for Korean hip hop artists. Unlike during the I.F days, Bizniz releases his hidden self, the desire to pursue something sensitive and lyrical. His hip hop music no longer purports to be macho or angry, but sophisticated and flowing. His dramatic transformation deserves heart-felt applause from music lovers, who are getting a bit tired from ordinary and staid Korean hip hop.

This Is Bizniz (2008-12-16): This is Bizniz, The Show, One & Only, So Sick, Fresh to Death, etc.

Bizniz (Young GM), The Quiett, E-Sens, 화나, Leo Kekoa – Love Of My Life

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Real name : Jeon Hye-bin
Date of birth : September 27th, 1983
Education : Kyewon Arts High School, Department of Drama and Visual Studies, Dongguk University
Debut song : Orange Girl (2002)
Physique : 165cm, 43kg
Place of birth : Seoul
Blood type : B
Talents : Gymnastics, acting
Motto : Regard the obstacle of today as a stepping stone of tomorrow.
Favorite food : Spicy Korean food

Bin originally debuted as a member of Luv, a 3-girl band. Since the band broke up in the end of 2002, Bin has been continuing her career in the entertainment world as an actress. She starred in various television soap operas and a number of movies including “Ryoung” and “Wet Dreaming 2.” Although she made an attempt to come back on the stage as a singer by releasing a single in 2003, Bin couldn’t receive great spotlights on the pop music scene. However, by releasing her first solo album in 2005, Bin emerged as one of the hottest sexy female vocalists in the local pop music world.

Story (1st album, 2002) : Orange Girl, I Still Believe In You, Bye Bye
Love Somebody (single, 2003) : Love Somebody, Lips
In My Fantasy (1st solo album, 2005) : 2 AM, Why, Ring

Jeon Hye Bin ~ Sexy Back

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Shin Yeona
Date of birth : August 12th, 1973
Blood type : O
Nickname : Schindler
Motto : Live an earnest life.
Favorite musicians : Laura Figi, Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald

Lee Ji-young
Date of birth : July 25th, 1975
Blood type : A
Hobbies : Graffiti, dreaming, walking, watching movies, reading, singing
Talent : Graffiti
Motto : Not being able to feel something means having no life.
Favorite musicians : Lauryn Hill, Bjork, Han Young-ae, Stevie Wonder

Lee Young-hyun
Date of birth : December 25th, 1981
Blood type : A
Hobby : Lip syncing
Talent : Singing
Motto : Be patient.
Favorite musicians : Sarah Borgman, Whitney Houston

Park Min-hye
Date of birth : September 18th, 1982
Blood type : B
Hobby : Listening to music
Motto : Pray to live.
Favorite musicians : Manhattan Transfer, Foreplay, Yang Hee-eun

As the name of the band indicates, Big Mama is a 4-member female vocal band consisting of 4 “big” women – both in terms of physique and vocal talents. Despite their great talents in singing, most of the 4 members of the band had to perform as back chorus singers because of their “not so beautiful” appearances. Of course, that is only compared to the female singers who have Barbie-like figures and faces. Yang Hyun-seok, Former member of Taeji and Boys, discovered the talents of the 4 female vocalists and teamed them up as a band to stir up the local pop music scene with a sensational wave that great singers with great voices can be successful without brilliant dances or appearances. Shin Yeona, the eldest member of the band had made her debut in the pop music scene by winning a silver prize at the Riverside Song Festival held in 1995. Since then she had been actively performing as lyrics writer and singer behind the scenes of various television and radio commercials and theme songs for televisions dramas until she joined Big Mama. Lee Young-hyun had won a special prize at the Riverside Song Festival held in 2000. Lee Ji-young had performed with the Han Sang-won band as a vocalist. One of the most extraordinary conditions of contract for the band Big Mama was that if any of the members would have a plastic surgery, the whole band will have to be disbanded. Thus, the promotion of the vocal band focused on highlighting the band’s vocal talent rather than its appearance. As soon as its debut, the band proved that it’s only the music that counts for the success of a band.

Like the Bible (1st album, 2003) : Break away, Monolog, Refusal, Give Up, His Eyes Are on Sparrow
It’s Unique (2nd album, 2005) : Sound, After Giving Up, Woman
Big Mama’s Gift (Christmas album, 2005) : Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock, Let It Snow, The First Noel
For the People (3rd album, 2006) : Nevermind, Love Gets Wings, Calling, Get Out, One Fine Day, Shout Love

Big mama Playlist


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